FashMash is a global community shaping the future of fashion. It was founded in 2012 as a members-only network. Today, we offer a suite of networking tools focused on professional and personal development. The aim is to encourage open conversation and sharing of ideas to help move the industry forward.


Our community is comprised of over 500 changemakers from across the fashion industry.

We seek intrapreneurs, innovators, proactive leaders and leaders-to-be. 



A global community shaping the future of fashion



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November 3, 2020

“Being more collaborative, I think that's a big part of what everyone needs to move to."


Jess Christie, Chief Brand Officer, MATCHESFASHION.COM

speaking at FashMash Pioneers

Who We Are

Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer founded FashMash in 2012 after recognising a need for the burgeoning community of London's digital fashion pioneers to meet in real time. Today that has extended to those shaping the future of the industry worldwide in numerous different capacities. 


The duo have been at the cutting edge of fashion for over 10 years. Today, they are leading consultants in their respective fields - Rachel is driving change through the lens of sustainability, while Rosanna focuses on digital strategy and luxury brand consulting.


Photograph shot at The Ivy Tower Bridge, London


“I love FashMash. The fashion technology community in Europe is pretty small but very fast-moving and it gets tricky to track who is doing what, where. FashMash helps me keep in touch.”

David Lindsay, Technology Director, LVMH

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