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Conscious entrepreneurship

The latest FashMash Pioneers event saw Akash Mehta, CEO of hair wellness brand Fable and Mane, talking conscious entrepreneurship.

"How are we putting the human journey first? How are we bettering the world today?" These questions must be at the fore of every CEO's mind, Akash Mehta told us this week. ⁣

As founder and CEO of Fable and Mane, a board member of LVMH and a Global Guardian for UNICEF, he is striving to carve a new path that balances people, planet and profit, particularly through The Fable Fund that is committed to wild tiger conservation with sustainable conservation action.⁣⁣

This was one of our most interactive sessions to date with lots of questions from the audience. Watch the full interview back with Rosanna Falconer via YouTube above. To get you inspired, here are some highlights:⁣


“The ethical consumer is of rising importance. They're the ones becoming the key target for new brands because they have a voice. They will put their money into businesses that are ethically 360. By having more of these consumers, it's the best push and encouragement for brands to be on top of things and as good as they can be. It's a journey even for brands.”⁣


“One of the best things about being in the corporate world, especially at a younger age, is it's the best playing ground where you can really use the corporate experience and their budgets, and their teams to catalyse your vision and ideas. I always say when I was in the corporate world I wasn’t an employee, I was an intrapreneur. An entrepreneur within an organisation”⁣


“Beauty brands today shouldn't just deliver a beautiful product to make you feel good; that's a given. They can also make a difference through impact and education. The conscious capitalism approach must be ingrained.”⁣


[There is a dilemma of] “How much do you give back and how much do you focus on driving the business - which actually can be contradictory - because one is trying to make money to put back into the company and one is trying to make money to make a difference. That's why I personally separate the two entities: there’s @fableandmane and The Fable Fund.”⁣

FashMash Pioneers is sponsored by Klaviyo. #fashmash #fashmashpioneers ⁣⁣


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