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Entrepreneurship today

Our latest FashMash Focus returned to the subject of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry today and the challenges of small business.

We held our second Focus session dedicated to small business last week, with an incredible group of founders running a variety of sustainable product and service-oriented companies in attendance. As with our previous roundtable on the topic at the start of 2021, subjects ranged from challenges surrounding all things COVID-19 and Brexit, up to the opportunities that lie in investment and growth today. ⁣

But we also dug deep on marketing and promotion (live events and Facebook algorithms inclusive), where we hit a particularly interesting chord: should you as a founder put your own face out there? ⁣

This conversation led us down a series of avenues - all of which our founders Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer will be exploring in tandem with the founders of OnLoan and Evamoso at 6.30pm BST in an Instagram Room tonight (Tuesday, August 24, 2021).

As well as exploring how business is looking for each of them today, we’ll be looking at what sort of pressure there is to have a public profile, and how much extra work is involved; whether the benefits outweigh any hurdles or risks in doing so; what it means (pros and cons) when you want to sell the business; and if this is just a female story or whether men face the same thing? Join us!⁣

FashMash Focus is sponsored by Klaviyo.


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