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Innovation for today

In a time of pandemic not to mention the climate crisis, our latest FashMash Focus explored what innovation means in fashion today.

FashMash has always been about innovation. Tracking change, transformation and what the future of fashion holds. But in a time of pandemic not to mention climate crisis, what does innovation mean and how is it changing? We sat down with a group of our members to talk this through, exploring everything from leadership and culture, to sustainable change and beyond. ⁣

Some of the highlights: ⁣


At a time of great uncertainty but also opportunity, embracing innovation within an organisation is about empowering individuals to challenge the status quo and to positively provoke a culture of change. The role of the ‘intrapreneur’ has never been more important therefore. ⁣


Let’s not forget, in spite of the big marketing headlines, the best application of innovation still remains to be those that prove useful. More often than not, these are back-end tools the consumer is not aware of, but that have huge implications for the business. ⁣


Given the scale of the climate crisis, it’s not impossible to imagine all innovation pivoting to focus on sustainability today, but wider business KPIs still hold strong. The change that’s needed is hugely challenging, not to mention costly. Consensus from our guests therefore showed the need for innovation to be accompanied by regulation in a way that the digital revolution was not. ⁣


As summed up in our last Instagram post from Michelle Sadlier of Zegna: "Whether it's sustainability, innovation or technology, I feel like we're missing a big wave of magic in the fashion industry right now. I'd love to see that again, and I'm sure it will come from the next generation. I want to fall in love with fashion again, in a way like we did when digital first hit our industry."⁣

FashMash Focus is sponsored by Klaviyo.


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