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'Focus' launches with COVID-19 discussion

We kicked off the first of our new FashMash Focus events this week - a more intimate discussion series designed to support our community during this time and beyond.

Over the course of a virtual lunch with an incredible group of our founding members (tagged), we shared thoughts, insights, challenges and hopes for what the COVID-19 pandemic is doing and will do to our industry. It’s something affecting each and every one of us, which simultaneously suggests unity because of it. That’s how this conversation felt - like we were all in it together.

Here are some of the highlights...⁣


Brands and businesses are figuring out exactly what stock plans look like in a supply chain that is shutdown in almost all cases. This is bringing challenges from how to support suppliers through this difficult time, to how to prepare the next two seasons of product in this changing world. ⁣


A question mark hangs over how fashion weeks will be approached in September and from here on out - could COVID-19 mark a tipping point for moving away from the traditional model? Is this the slowdown we’ve been waiting for? More importantly, could the lockdown of stock right now get us all into the ‘right’ season with product? ⁣


One thing everyone agreed on was that the power of personal communication is now more meaningful than ever. The pandemic has presented a need to speak to consumers on a human level, demonstrating vulnerabilities. The outcome is an opportunity for brands to really demonstrate and prove their values. ⁣


A downturn often means creativity and innovation and we’re already seeing that happen as we all adjust to new ways of working through this. The crisis is proving the necessity of technology and the great long-term benefits to business. ⁣

And much, much more. Our co-founders Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer will be bringing you analysis via Instagram Live on Wednesday, April 15, at 5pm BST. Put the date in your diaries and tune in via @fashmash.⁣


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