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How fashion is handling today's crisis marketing

Our FashMash Focus events are continuing apace. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve held several more virtual sessions, this time focused on the subject of marketing in a time of crisis.

With a variety of our founding members in attendance, what a lot there was to discuss - from the need for sensitivity to rethinking influence.

Read on below for some of the highlights...


Never has “being human” felt more important to our marketing efforts, but getting that right, is proving a real art. Brands today are treading a fine line between helping their communities through the crisis and not empathy-washing. Meanwhile, they’re also avoiding anything that is, as yet, too commercial. Sensitive messaging and the right tone of voice is key. ⁣


The true winners are those tweaking content in line with their values, identity and USPs - delivering them in a way that makes sense to their brands individually. Creativity here is king, but high-quality production is less important currently than content that resonates, which feels very refreshing. ⁣


We all know Instagram Live has been the darling of lockdown thus far, but is it overkill? Too much noise, and not enough relevancy was one of our main takeaways for those jumping on the bandwagon, but practical, purposeful and personality-led content is working hugely for those with a more thought-out strategy in place. Let’s not forget the value of other key channels however - email is proving both a winner and a loser for many too. ⁣


One of the most interesting takeaways from lockdown when it comes to marketing thus far, is that brands seem to be playing the sensitivity game better than many influencers are. Success as a result, is coming from spinning what influence means on its head - driving up user generated content for instance, or placing employees front and centre as brand advocates. ⁣

Want to hear more? Join our co-founders Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer, who will be exploring all in detail via Instagram Live today (April 30) at 5pm BST. Tune in via @fashmash.


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