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Inside sustainable fashion with Arizona Muse

Model and environmental activist, Arizona Musa, gives her unique perspective on sustainability during FashMash Pioneers.

Last night, we ended 2019 on a high, in conversation with Arizona Muse. The model and environmental activist was the perfect finale to a year where sustainability has concerned both our community and the industry the most. In conversation with co-founder Rosanna Falconer, she had us enraptured: beginning the session with communication affirmations to get us all present in the room. ⁣

Her extensive research and qualification in the space shone through - quoting facts and stats with the ease of an expert. This was mixed with her passion and positivity captured best in her final words: “It’s such an exciting time. I feel so lucky to live right now. We’re all here to save this earth.”⁣

Here are some of our favourite moments from the evening:⁣


Extinction Rebellion is what taught me to be comfortable with the term activist. Now I am. It can be friendly and heartwarming. It was a uniting experience being on the street. There were thousands of us who feel the same way and want to save the planet.”⁣


“I respect the amount of money fast fashion are putting into research and development. They were the first. And often they are open-sourcing their findings, which is great. But the majority of what they sell is not sustainable.”⁣


“When you know what is in your clothes and what is behind it and who was involved, then you’re not denying yourself. It leads you to a place where everything in your wardrobe is something you love. That is what sustainable fashion is. It should be fun and enriching and improve your life for the better.”⁣


“Brands need to be honest. Get specific. ‘Sustainable’ is so unspecific. It doesn’t mean anything. That’s greenwashing.”⁣

A huge thank you to Hotel Bloomsbury; we could not have asked for a better partner for 2019, particularly in the gloriously renovated George V room with its Christmas tree last night. Thank you also to everyone who attended this year - over 1,500 of you - it was such fun to toast the success with you all, and with Arizona, after the talk.


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