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Investing in fashion with Felix Capital

Our final FashMash Pioneers of 2018 saw Antoine Nussenbaum, partner at Felix Captial, join us to discuss investing in fashion.

This discussion was the perfect concluding talk for 2018 as it touched on so many of the topics that the series has dissected this year: online vs offline retail, building a community, sustainability, connected retail, and finally customer experience for the modern consumer.

The question on everyone’s minds… What does Felix Capital look for in a potential investment?

“First of all, we validate the entrepreneur. You have to be a bit nuts to go down this journey of venture capital. It’s not an easy journey. They need vision. Take José Neves of Farfetch, his ambition has grown with every milestone he reaches. We seek founders who are obsessed with building a community. They obsess over working on the product constantly to meet their customer’s needs.”

Authenticity is key too: “Whether you like it or not, Goop have built an authentic audience via their clear, specific tone of voice. That’s what has consumers opening their emails week after week... It’s the same at Business of Fashion and Highsnobiety.”


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