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Live: Cyber weekend vs COP26

In this latest Focus discussion, FashMash founders Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer talk about Cyber Weekend and all it entailed for 2021.

Joining them are Eve Kekeh, founder of Bundlee and Francesca Shuck, Senior Director at Science Magic. Combined in the video above they cover the thorny topic of commercials versus COP26, or consumerism versus the climate crisis, and the challenges of this peak in the retail calendar.

In the UK, sales for the weekend hit £9.2bn, according to the The Guardian. And let’s not forget that Black Friday also comes hot off the heels of Singles Day in China, where sales hit $85 billion this year.

From Pretty Little Thing's 100% markdown to Raeburn shutting down its website complete, which won out this year - sales or sustainability?

FashMash Live is sponsored by Klaviyo. #fashmash #fashmashfocus

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