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Content & Commerce with Lucinda Chambers

We kicked off a new decade of our speaker series with Lucinda Chambers, a pioneer who has shaped the face of fashion and continues to do so today.

Lucinda Chambers' experience spans the golden age of print with 37 years at Vogue to the digital revolution as co-founder of Collagerie, as well as her creative roles at Prada, Marni and roday as part of Colville. She had our sold-out audience enraptured with her entrepreneurial spirit, wisdom and enthusiasm.

Some of our favourite soundbites below… ⁣⁣



“I love to shop. I don’t necessarily love to buy things but I love looking at things. We started Collagerie because we didn’t think there was a place to go to and feel uplifted. We wanted to do a shopping experience that felt joyous. The fact it’s instantly shoppable is incredible - if you work in print there’s a 3 month deadline with all sorts of logistics that mean you can’t end up buying it. It’s amazing to get something live within 10 minutes if you want it to be.”⁣⁣



“If I’ve learnt one thing it’s buy what you love. I love everything I have. If I don’t, I give it away or repurpose it. You can tweak things to feel fashionable - we all want to feel that we’re relevant.”⁣⁣



“I was very privileged at Vogue that I only had to think about creativity. It’s quite something to start up a company on your own from a standing position of nothing. And especially to do so from a job that I loved. But I learnt to get over yourself. To not have false pride. Would I change things? No, not now. I didn’t think so at the time two years ago. But now I feel so lucky to have the opportunities that I have. To learn things. What else would I have done? Retired. God no.”⁣⁣



"If there wasn’t new we wouldn’t be engaging our brains. We all want change. You should embrace change. It’s what keeps us alive. If you buy something new it can shift and change how you feel about yourself.⁣⁣"


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