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Small business and the year ahead

Our first FashMash Focus roundtable to kick-off the year explored the opportunities and challenges for small businesses in 2021.

Brexit, manufacturing, investment - all against a backdrop of ongoing lockdown. It's tough out there but there are success stories for these agile brands, "the little canoes" next to the "massive cruise ships", as one of our guests said. ⁣

We were delighted to be joined by the founders of Lisou London, Love Ur Look, My Smart Skin, Ssone and The Seated Queen and shall be analysing the topic further via Instagram Live on February 15.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect:⁣


There is no doubt that right now it's a case of survival. With stores closed, lead times unpredictable and physical events off limits (a mainstay of marketing for small brands), 2021 means there are many fires to fight. ⁣


That said, small businesses are thriving off their agility, becoming more adaptable and flexible than ever. Micro collections of multiple drops have overtaken the traditional seasons which don't suit the current uncertainty. It's been much-covered in the media that customers are turning to local, small, founder-lead businesses in the pandemic. That personal, genuine relationship is paramount for a small business.⁣


It's a minefield and one where we are all learning, particularly in small businesses without the resource and teams to be expert.⁣


Where is the balance between growth and risk? With many small businesses achieving their best year to date, how can this be pushed while managing the unpredictable landscape of 2021.⁣


FashMash Focus is sponsored by Klaviyo.


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