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Sustainability & lab-grown diamonds with Swarovski

Dax Lovegrove, Vice President of Global Sustainability at Swarvoski, brought a new perspective on sustainability at this month's FashMash Pioneers.

Last night we were joined by Dax Lovegrove, Vice President of Global Sustainability at Swarvoski, for our monthly speaker series. He brought a new perspective on the topic of sustainability, believing that the pressure is on for the fashion and jewellery industries to become greener in terms of environmental impact, and fairer throughout supply chains.

With climate change an ever-increasing concern, companies are waking up to the need to sustainably transform the way they do business. Within its sector, Swarovski is stepping up - from having the most responsible crystal on the market to pioneering its state of the art Manufaktur facility in Austria.

Dax spoke about how he thinks the industry can drive the necessary transformation, and how the company is turning to new production techniques to develop lab-grown diamonds. One of our favourite quotes from him on working in sustainability was: “Persistence is so important. When working in sustainability you have to keep refreshing your energy. It is a grind. It’s not a quick thing to change attitudes across a business. But I always remain positive!”

Thank you Dax, to all the team Swarovski, to our headline sponsor Isobar UK and to our venue Hotel Bloomsbury.


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