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Sustainability post-pandemic

Our most recent FashMash Focus sessions have gone deep on the huge topic of sustainability in light of COVID-19, covering everything from rethinking economic models to exploring consumer behaviour, regulation, social justice and more.

What’s been incredibly clear from our members is that the intention is still there to put sustainability top of the priority list. Here are some highlights from our conversations…


The industry is, inevitably, focused on survival right now, which presents a fundamental challenge when it comes to sustainability. How do we balance the need to sell harder than ever, with more conscious consumerism? There’s an uncomfortable contradiction at play, highlighting the systemic issues underneath. ⁣


At the heart of the contradiction is the fact fashion is anchored in the growth construct. It is all about expansion and extraction, and any sustainable efforts being made right now are outpaced by this continuously. See our link in bio for a deep-dive on this subject by Rachel in@ecoage. ⁣


In order to really change the industry for the better, there is a dire need for more reliable and accurate data. It is only through this that we can minimise the misinformation and enable more informed decision making. ⁣


Social justice is top of mind in light of the huge ramifications of cancelled orders down the supply chain and the exposé of Boohoo’s UK suppliers operating under sweatshop conditions. This coupled with Black Lives Matter brings a new focus to the agenda: that of intersectional environmentalism, addressing how injustices to marginalised communities and the earth are interconnected.⁣


All of this puts the climate crisis increasingly in the public eye, which can only be a good thing. Has the pandemic taught society to better understand need versus desire? There’s optimism that a tipping point is coming where citizens recognise they have the power to take action.

Our founders Rachel Arthur and Rosanna Falconer will be exploring this subject in detail via Instagram Live at 5.30pm BST on July 22, so do join us there.


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