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Targeting Gen Z

Our latest FashMash Focus turned to targeting the Gen Z consumer amid the complexity of today's fashion landscape.

We zoomed in on the Gen Z consumer in our latest FashMash Focus discussion, exploring everything from how attitudes towards fashion and beauty are changing with this younger generation through to just how to go about targeting them.

On the one hand promoting TikTok hauls and trends like #bamarush, yet on the other leading the charge on climate change conversations, this group can’t be thrown into one single bucket, but should be embraced for all the nuance and ultimately the influence they do (and will) bring. There’s lots at stake on getting it right however. ⁣

Thank you to those members who attended and shared their insights. Read on for some highlights: ⁣⁣


This generation has high expectations - from convenience and ease of shopping, through to purpose-backed brands engaged in social causes. These things shouldn’t be seen as nice-to-haves or campaigns any more then, but hygiene factors embedded in the lifeblood of the business. ⁣


With all of that intention comes a need for authenticity. This is a generation that does its research making it easy for them to identify those brands marketing in a way that isn’t deemed trustworthy. It’s for that reason, transparency is key when targeting this audience. Communicating about authentic connections with their lifestyles and their values wins out over marketing messages focused on product qualities. ⁣


What is particularly clear is that “luxury” means something different to Gen Z than it did to Millennials. Where once it was about gloss, polish and exclusivity, now the idea of something being a luxury can relate to various negative social and cultural meanings that this generation - typically more anti-establishment than has been seen in some time - don’t want to be associated with. It’s a rejection of leaving people out and the gatekeeping the industry has promoted. Those successful brands then are more inclusive and accessible than ever before. ⁣

FashMash Focus is sponsored by Klaviyo.


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