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The evolution of streetwear

The latest edition of FashMash Pioneers explored the evolution of streetwear with Marc Jacques Burton of MJB.

In the space of just five years, MJB has built a global stockist list and celebrity clientele worthy of a brand ten times as established. Worn by everyone from Gigi Hadid to Young Thug, what's his secret sauce?

Tune in to this phenomenally motivating talk with founder Marc Jacques Burton as we explore his collaborative take on the future of the industry.

You can watch the full interview via YouTube above. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights:⁣


"Streetwear is not dead. It’s just naturally evolving and changing like all things do. My goal was to make pieces people didn’t have. I missed the fact that 15-20 years ago you could go to New York and find things you couldn't get in London. It disappeared with globalisation. It meant there was less originality in the marketplace. So that was my main ethos on starting - to create unique and very small run pieces."⁣


"Supreme has kept pricing very reasonable. They’ve created a new type of luxury and demand through having such a scarce amount of product available. [The streetwear] model is not about high prices but scarcity and real creativity." ⁣


"Wholesale is really important to me and something I respect a lot. When you start a brand, people haven’t heard of you and you don’t have the big resources. Wholesalers give a spotlight. Consumers walk in with open minds and they want to discover new brands."⁣


"Where once established brands might copy and steal ideas, now they will respectively ask to do a collaboration. The reality is, the emerging brands are now powerful. They’re so connected to the younger generations; these great designers are so interlinked with the people who buy from them. And luxury brands want to be a part of that... Part of the art of a really strong collaboration is almost when it seems like something shouldn’t really belong together - that no one would expect it." ⁣

All ticket proceeds from this event went to The Prince's Trust and Shelter, thank you for your donations.⁣

FashMash Pioneers is sponsored by Klaviyo.


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