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The next frontier of content

Our latest FashMash Focus discussion explored what content marketing looks like in the fashion industry today in light of the pandemic.

With our previous conversation themed on how real world versus digital events are going to play out during fashion week season, it became increasingly clear we needed a deep dive on the role of content more specifically. Cue another group of members joining our roundtable series.

From our need to address key global moments and movements, to reimagining day-to-day practicalities of production, here's a recap on what was discussed: ⁣


“Content strategy” has become a phrase synonymous with fashion marketing, but it’s lost its meaning over the years as we’ve turned to a constant churn of posts without always thinking about deeper values we want to portray. The question is, if this pre-planned approach didn't sit well during lockdown, did it ever have a place? COVID-19 is perhaps an opportunity to reevaluate, rather than just creating for creating’s sake. ⁣


Fashion weeks have long been a time the industry relies on for content to last all season, making the current situation a challenge. Influencers will need to play a bigger role for the foreseeable - especially for smaller brands. But brands need to be cautious around pushing for real life attendance at even small events during a time when cancel-culture and consumer opinions are at an all-time high. ⁣


If there’s one place we’ve seen content opportunity during lockdown, it’s in short form video. By no means a new conversation, the TikTok versus Reels battle has put more emphasis than ever on creating in this format. The beauty of such platforms lie in their democracy, but brands across the board seem to be playing it safe much like in the early days of Instagram. ⁣


Bravery is also the keyword when it comes to looking to more innovative platform and content opportunities, from augmented realities through to digital garments. We’re excited for risk taking leapfrogging the fear of the unknown even amid budget restrictions. ⁣

FashMash Focus is sponsored by Klaviyo.

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