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Young Pioneers graduate

The first FashMash Young Pioneers mentoring programme finally closed out with a real life event held in central London this month.

Graduation from the 2020/21 programme was hosted with a cocktail party at Brasserie of Light, complete with a photographer on hand to shoot the mentees' portraits. Conversation buzzed, canapés flowed and it amazed us how regular Zooms actually make meeting IRL like seeing old friends - just much better in 3D!⁣


We are so proud of our Young Pioneers and can't wait to see where their careers take them next. Congratulations Ashedzi Ayuba-Kuwu, Ashwinnie Thushyanthan, Bethany Walsh, Bonolo Madibe, Elshadai Gore, Hayden Woodley-Gibson, Lucy Smyton, Nayanika Bharadwaj, Roger Bitihinda, Rosette Ale, Saja Elmishri and Vanessa Kawondera.

As well as the mentees and some of the mentors, we were delighted to be joined by Dior Bediako and Frederica Brooksworth, who were integral to the success and strategy of the scheme.⁣


The programme is designed to support and nurture the next generation of industry talent dedicated to driving change. We team up senior FashMash members with a select group of those at the beginning of their careers. The programme is intended to be inclusive for all, but is designed particularly to support ethnic minorities and those from low socio-economic backgrounds. It is directly in response to the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the wider ramifications of COVID-19, with a goal to actively provide opportunities for these less represented groups to succeed in the fashion industry. ⁣

We will also be announcing applications for the next round soon. ⁣

Photographer: Holly Falconer


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