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Young Pioneers launches

The FashMash Young Pioneers mentoring programme has officially launched! It may not have been the drinks party we had in mind, but this giant Zoom with break-out rooms was still full of energy, smiles and importantly, some amazing new connections.

From all of the FashMash team, congratulations to our first 12 mentees! We were overwhelmed with the calibre of applicants and spent days really sifting through and taking time to examine each application and video. We were looking for the next generation of industry talent dedicated to driving change and we really feel we have found that.

They are: Ashedzi Ayuba-Kuwu, Ashwinnie Thushyanthan, Bethany Walsh, Bonolo Madibe, Elshadai Gore, Hayden Woodley-Gibson, Lucy Smyton, Nayanika Bharadwaj, Roger Bitihinda, Rosette Ale, Saja Elmishri and Vanessa Kawondera.

We particularly like how many of them are in different fields - from buying and marketing to law and consulting. Furthermore, some of them don't have a 'fashion' degree or background (which shouldn't be a hindrance). They are united in a commitment to changing the industry for the better, sharing interests in sustainability, diversity and the future of retail. We have been sure to match them up accordingly with their mentors.

We can’t wait to see the next six months unfold. By the end, we hope to have equipped them with tools, contacts and guidance for both their next career steps and far beyond. Stay tuned for more news from all of them as the programme unfolds.

You can also find out more about Young Pioneers, here.


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