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Introducing our 'hope' campaign

If there’s one thing that has united FashMash since its launch in early 2012, it’s been a focus on working together to action a better future. That’s meant a variety of things over the years - from bringing members physically into the same space in order to share ideas and drive collaboration, to hearing from the Pioneers who are shaping the future of fashion in their own individual ways. 

Our singular goal has been around a community that can help move the industry forward. Now we find ourselves in a time when that has never been more important. You’ll have heard that we launched FashMash Focus - a more intimate discussion series designed to support you all during this crisis and beyond. Now, we’re taking that one step further with a very healthy (but realistic) dose of optimism.  Starting today, in celebration of both Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week, we’re launching our ‘Hope’ campaign. The red thread of FashMash has always been about hope. About the people who live and breathe this industry and their hopes for the impact they can have within it, and the change they’d like to see coming down the line because of it. So we’re going to start documenting that.  We have eight years of history discussing it… now we’re ‘hoping’ we can share these thoughts more formally in a bid to drive people to action from them. During this crisis especially, we know there’s a need for positivity, but also practicality. So this is aiming to be both.  What do we want from you? Please share your hopes with us. What are you wishing for the industry right now? Which direction do you want to see it move in, and what goodness can come out of everything that is currently happening? We’ll be publishing and sharing some of these best thoughts across our social channels for the foreseeable future (see our launch one from co-founder Rachel Arthur today), but also trying to connect as many of you as possible to then start making some of these a reality. So if you see something you like, or that you know you can contribute to, please get in touch with us.  In celebration of that, FashMash is also making a donation to the Emergency Designer Network, who have united to galvanise local production to support hospital stocks of key garments in the fight against COVID-19.  Our big belief for change is still in the power of community and collaboration.  Here’s to hope.  Rachel & Rosanna 


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